Wendy and Lucy

Wendy and Lucy ★★★★★

Wendy and Lucy is a simple and small film but also one of the most powerful and devastating that I've ever seen. The queen of screen depression, Michelle Williams, delivers vivid and touching performace, the best in her career. The film is charged with devastating moments but very small and personal ones, like when Wendy gets arrested for stealing and spends several hours at a police station while her dog, Lucy, is outside, and when she finally gets back, Lucy isn't there anymore. Lucy isn't just Wendy's the only friend, she's the only one who brings joy into her life and who needs her, Wendy doesn't have anyone but Lucy. And that is only an inciting incident that is followed by the series of events that will tear your heart into pieces, caress and pull together your heart and then break it even worse.

The film is shot is such a way that you feel Wendy's isolation, that she can't really rely on anyone else's help, that everyone in her environment is somehow hostile or indifferent. Wendy and Lucy is a film about friendship, human decency; it shows how much it's important for people to help each other in the moment of need, even a tiny little bit of help, the old man just gave her a phone to call but this meant a lot to Wendy, he helped her and tried to cheer her up when she was at the edge; it packs into 80 minutes of its runtime one of the most powerful and brilliant moments in cinema at large, I never was a fan of Kelly Reichardt but this film is truly something special, something one of a kind. This film doesn't force emotions or drama, it's almost like they just placed the camera to see what' going to happened and came up with one of the compelling films ever made.

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