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  • Alpha and Omega
  • Black Christmas
  • Miracle Man
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  • Alpha and Omega

    Alpha and Omega


    Having just watched Alpha & Omega (2010), I am motivated more than ever before to find love. Maybe we can start by going on a movie date and watching Alpha & Omega (2010), or maybe we can discuss our favourite characters in Alpha & Omega (2010).

    I have a variety of hobbies. I like reading Alpha & Omega (2010) fanfiction, watching movies like Alpha & Omega (2010), and games (e.g. 'who said that line in Alpha & Omega (2010)?').

    I want to find someone to go…

  • Super Eruption

    Super Eruption


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Disaster movie checklist:
    - Entire United States at risk βœ…
    - Strong man called Charlie βœ…
    - Intelligent lady called Kate βœ…
    - I have an untested theory βœ…
    - 35 year old kids βœ…
    - Man fired 500 feet into the air βœ…
    - Scientist convinced of time travel based on photograph βœ…
    - Volcanic eruption leaves mark on curvature of space-time itself βœ…
    - "World" used interchangeably with "United States" βœ…
    - "This doesn't make any sense" βœ…β€¦

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  • Troll 2

    Troll 2


    I don't get the "worst movie ever" label. This film is obviously troll(2)ing.

  • Bikini Avengers

    Bikini Avengers


    Incredible: someone is hacking into the bikini computer

    Despite the fact that I'm not especially fond of watching people go at it, which comprises about 90% of this film (something I foolishly didn't realise going in), I enjoyed the remaining 10% enough that it was bearable. For a spoof movie you can do a lot worse.

    Note: apparently this film is not related to Bikini Hackers

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  • Avatar 5

    Avatar 5


    Just rewatched again. A classic.

  • 8:46


    Imagine thinking that George Floyd being a drug dealer in any way changes the fact that his murder was unnessesary.