Pulp Fiction ★★★★½

As amusing as Butch can be in The Gold Watch, the chapter doesn’t hold a candle to the others and is honestly some of my least favorite QT. The gimp stuff, the cab ride, and the Captain Koons story are just silly now. HOWEVER, Travolta is actually better than I remembered as Vincent. Something about his cool rationality but latent explosiveness really pop. And to save the absolute best for last, Samuel L. Jackson as Jules is without a doubt a **Godlike**, all-timer of a performance. He relishes every single word of dialogue like he’s eating a tasty burger(sorry) and it’s just an absolute treat to watch. I know Uma Thurman’s the subject of the ubiquitous poster and the film was Travolta’s return to glory but this motherfucker belongs to Jackson and I won’t hear otherwise.

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