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  • Last Days

    Last Days


    The suicide of Kurt Cobain tore a hole in the hearts of many Northwesterners and music lovers, as the death of the musician that spoke directly to the disaffected youth and helped revolutionize rock music by letting people know it could belong to the average man was something people latched onto and hailed him as an icon. The person that hated this romanticization of the nobody-turned-mainstream legend, however, was Cobain himself, as he resented becoming a buzzword that could be…

  • Moonage Daydream

    Moonage Daydream


    Roughly two weeks from now, David Bowie would've turned 76 years old were it not for liver cancer claiming his life in 2016, and on that same thread his first monomentual pivot towards glam rock, Hunky Dory, recently turned 51, Station to Station is barreling down the train tracks to its 47th anniversary, Low, his most sparse, minimalistic, and personal album 46, and his swan song , the bitter reminder that one of the most legendary artists is truly gone and he intimately…

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  • Oppenheimer



    Christopher Nolan certainly tested my patience when it came to Tenet, a bloated mess of a spy film with timey-wimey elements that left me with a good gimmick to write a review around but with little satisfaction and great hesitance towards what the filmbro god would cook up next, hesitance that quickly dissipated once more and more information about said next project revealed itself and how it wound up tying into the mood and anxiety of both the internal forces…

  • Zombies of the Stratosphere

    Zombies of the Stratosphere


    Genre Killers (4/31)

    In the 1800’s, hardback-bound books were considered a luxury item in both American and European corners, preventing readers from poorer boroughs to enjoy the many illustrious stories being published and hailed as the pivotal works of storytelling defining their century, thus dividing the quality commercial pieces of literature only between the upper and middle classes without any ability to appeal towards those who couldn’t afford such a luxury. Publishers were concerned about this, feeling that authors should…

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  • Serial Experiments Lain

    Serial Experiments Lain



    Few series have had their legacy defined by mystique and complete obliqueness like Serial Experiment Lain, delving into complex themes like the nature of reality, identity, and communication just as the internet’s interconnected stream of information began taking the form it takes today. Forming a trifecta of late 90’s anime mindfucks alongside Neon Genesis Evangelion and Revolutionary Girl Utena, a…

  • Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance

    Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance


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    I miss the old Asuka
    Straight from the Go Asuka
    Chop up the soul Asuka
    Set on her goals Asuka
    I hate the new Asuka
    The bad mood Asuka
    The always rude Asuka
    Spaz in the news Asuka
    I miss the sweet Asuka
    Chop up the beats Asuka
    I gotta say, at that time
    I'd like to meet Asuka
    See, I invented Asuka
    It wasn't any Asukas
    And now I look and look around
    And there's so…