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This one will appear brief compared to my usual standards mainly because there's not much in this revisit that I feel I need to further extrapolate on or dissect any further than I already have. The clever fun of seeing the Agatha Christie set-up for the perfect murder solved relatively quickly, only to lead into further holes in the mystery, further details left behind to pick up and trail into more holes, the donut hole storing another donut hole as the glaze gets thicker and thicker. It of course can't match the first time one watches it, but Rian Johnson is careful to leave behind several instances of slick and hilarious writing, and many tricks to the conclusion easy to miss the first time around that make for an entertaining time. I've always had a soft spot for whodunits that could easily take place in somewhere akin to a giant Clue board, as Lakeith Stanfield is quick to point out, and this is still a marvelous, modern version that lives up to the greats Rian Johnson has cited as an influence.

And yes, I can't wait to see another round of detective work from Kentucky Fried Benoit Blanc sometime in the future.

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