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  • Baywatch



    Here's for a slightly unusual viewing. Just saw Baywatch and I have to say found it rather entertaining. This won't be one of those beautifully crafted reviews with a hefty collection of gorgeous vocabulary as you can already tell (as is my natural style) however this film was great.

    Apart from the at-times nonsensical dialogue (and I mean really bad dialogue) the film isn't all that bad. There's guns, explosions, all of which are totally badass and totally necessary. I…

  • Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant


    The myth that this film is even as remotely as brilliant as the first Aliens instalment will always remain a pure myth. This film is an abundance of mistakes both in continuity and in what it stands for. My only slight gest of appreciation is for new audiences and bringing them into the original Alien films and letting this be a modern-day gateway to discovering those beautiful gems of Horror films. Ridley, not sure what you were doing here.

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  • Shrek



    duh it's shrek 5 stars imo every time

  • Your Name.

    Your Name.


    When I watched this film, I was completely blown away by a compelling storyline that transcended time and space, and was lost in this universe. This was for all but a brief moment - slight distraction from the unbearable cramped leg room/seat combo thingy present in every screen at Odeon Panton Street.