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  • Savage



    Well structured film; but couldn’t help but think - β€œI’ve seen this before”. Didn’t really have enough substance for me to remain interested throughout the film but I’d like to give huge praise to the Director & Leading Actor for tackling such a pressing subject such as Male Hustling in such a honest, judge-less way. A film such as this could’ve easily portrayed the characters as wronged, in the wrong or that the society is wrong, and it didn’t do any of those and I like that it didn’t -  maybe that’s what I was looking for, for the film to have a stance.

  • Border



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Here at #LFF this week as part of the Dare Gala is Border (Swedish Title: GRΓ„NS). I'm completely blown away by this drama-thriller centring about a Border Control Office who has a sixth sense for identifying smugglers. When she falsely accuses someone she is forced to confront her own identity and existence - forcing her to encounter some very shocking revelations.

    Like many bleak Scandinavian dramas of the sort, we start, very coldly, into the drama of it all. The…

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  • Shrek



    duh it's shrek 5 stars imo every time

  • Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant


    The myth that this film is even as remotely as brilliant as the first Aliens instalment will always remain a pure myth. This film is an abundance of mistakes both in continuity and in what it stands for. My only slight gest of appreciation is for new audiences and bringing them into the original Alien films and letting this be a modern-day gateway to discovering those beautiful gems of Horror films. Ridley, not sure what you were doing here.