Baywatch ★★★

Here's for a slightly unusual viewing. Just saw Baywatch and I have to say found it rather entertaining. This won't be one of those beautifully crafted reviews with a hefty collection of gorgeous vocabulary as you can already tell (as is my natural style) however this film was great.

Apart from the at-times nonsensical dialogue (and I mean really bad dialogue) the film isn't all that bad. There's guns, explosions, all of which are totally badass and totally necessary. I mean they were literally heavenly and I felt like I was consuming the current day definition of Hollywood and was revelling in my seat. State corruption? Hell yeah! I mean that's nothing to get excited about but seems very James Bond and Great Gatsby like.. this really isn't the kind of film I'd usually watch but I've got to say this was an enjoyable gem and an emotional one as a teeny weeny fan of the original TV series - of course for typical male pubescent reasons.