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This review may contain spoilers.

Finally went to see this and my god; how faultless of a film this is. Spike Lee’s unique verve and masterful critique on the history of the KKK plus how the ‘so-called’ supremacy movements still exist today is undoubtedly shocking. Amazing performances and with a plot that will grip you to your seats; this is well worth a watch. The ending is haunting. Definitely worth a second viewing; but in a few years from now.

Importantly; the film offers different points of view and the plot is useful in that it offers a structure which both comments and contrasts one another in relation to endorsing the revolution and liberation of African Africans versus the tumultuous rise of white supremist values. Also would like to give a nod for Spike Lee’s ingenious editing which lays numerous details within the film - he doesn’t miss a beat. Just make sure you don’t too (when watching this).