Nine ★★★½

All hail the great movie musical director of our day: Rob Marshall! I knew “Nine” existed, but never had the desire to see it until I recently watched its source material, “8 1/2.” I’m glad I saw them in the order that I did. Nine is a wonderfully creative adaptation of “8 1/2” and Marshall does an amazing job at seamlessly weaving the narrative and musical numbers together. Unlike his more recent, “Into the Woods” or “Mary Poppins Returns,” Marshall takes musical breaks between the songs and story (like he did with “Chicago”). This works very well for they type of musical “Nine” is. Who knew Daniel Day Lewis could sing? Who knew Penelope Cruz could stretch her legs like that? Who knew Fergie would give the show-stopping preformance? A solid movie musical on its own, I still have to say everyone should see “8 1/2,” for the depths is goes, “Nine” doesn’t come close. At any rate, I’m extreamly interested to see what Marshall does with the upcoming The Little Mermaid live action film.