The Farewell ★★★★★

Indie cinema at its best, The Farewell moves at an impecable pace: not too slow, not too fast. The plunge into the Chinese culture was refreshing and nuanced in a way that I have not seen American cinema do before. I suppose this is what we get when we have DIVERSE voices telling stories, but I digress. The Farewell is a story about family and the family dynamics displayed reminded me of my own in more ways then one. It was beautifully filmed and the score was visionary for the subject matter. Awkwafina proves herself as an actress that is here to stay. I’m excited to see what she does next as well as Lulu Wang. This film is worth your time. Bring your tissues.

UPDATE: I can’t shake this film. It may be a near perfect family drama that allows me to breathe while feeling everything at once.