Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy

Oh Guardians, I want you back!

Bold, ballsy, quirky, goofy, fresh, electric, exuberant, (very) hilarious, GROOT, Kevin Bacon.

"oogaa chaka, oogaa oogaa oogaa chaka"

Marvel's funniest, bravest venture yet. That takes risks on using a relatively unknown collective of characters, its tonal approach, and some of its casting. It pays off and works oh so well.

The casting is remarkable, Chris Pratt is proving he is a star(lord) in the making, playing the loveable asshole, Peter Quill. An unrecognisable Bradley Cooper as Rocket, the snarky badass with a tree. Speaking of said 'tree', Groot is a scene-stealer, Vin Diesel with only the subtle changes of his limited speech can bring out many emotions that are shown through three words "I am GROOT". Then to Zoe Saldana, who pulls in a great performance and once again proves she is a badass. And finally the biggest surprise, Drax the Destroyer, he was the only one that I thought would be the weakest of the group, I was wrong. Dave Bautista did a very humorous job, showing great comedic timing and brilliantly bouncing off every one of the guardians. Which also mixed in with some badassery' to seal the deal.

The soundtrack is perfectly chosen, it encapsulates the tone and brings a uniqueness to the setting and atmosphere for you to witness and connect with. It also intertwines with the actual story and plot, which gives it an actual purpose and be relevant to characters, particularly with Starlord. Which helps support the emotion behind the film that touches more.

Besides the bunch of A-holes, the supporting and secondary characters are just as fun to see. With such actors as, Karen Gillian, (briefly) Peter Serafinowicz, John C Reilly, Benicio Del Toro, Djimon Hounsou, and Josh Brolin. But then a blue Merle appeared and was fantastic enough to become a favourite of mine. I'm speaking of Michael Rooker if you didn't know.

Now to my only gripes with this film, is a common negative to everyone. It's the villain Ronan played by Lee Pace while I don't think that the problem lies with Pace's performance, the character is underwritten and lacked some charisma, but he does bring a menacing atmosphere to make him substantial to the story and make somewhat of an impact. Any other negatives I have are irrelevant and don't affect my fantabulous enjoyment with this film. So for instance every negative point I have with this, I find five more positives. So it still blasts its way to boogie down with Marvel's best.

I Fooled around and fell in love with you Guardians.

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