• His Girl Friday

    His Girl Friday


    Cary Grant is very mean

  • Only Lovers Left Alive

    Only Lovers Left Alive

    this may be my least favourite film of all time

  • The Hangover

    The Hangover


    its about as good as bad can be.

  • Red Rocket

    Red Rocket

    an unbelievable film

  • Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool

    Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool


    Falls a tinsy bit into masturbatory wank over how good he is sometimes, which is true but not informative.

    It also doesn't give quite as much time to the music of Miles' fusion era as I would have liked. Still covers his voracious appetite for new styles pretty well though though.

    Nitpicks though, still a great doco.

  • A Simple Life

    A Simple Life


    Conventional things really are more interesting to me when they're in a foreign country. The main character uses the same cat food as me ! but he's half a world away ! Tickled me pink

  • The House

    The House


    Almost good, the most enjoyment I got out of it was that I like stop motion a lot. The design concept and the general thrust of the stories are sound, but the execution is lacking.

    If the story beats of the first story in particular had been better organized, that first story could have been great. But it felt unnecessarily cliched.

    EDIT: Like it less in retrospect

  • West Side Story

    West Side Story


    An interesting reinterpretation of the musical, full of good decisions, that are often let down by Spielberg's consistently jarring approach to film making.

  • The Platform

    The Platform


    I think it is easy to feel smugly superior for pointing out that this film has social commentary attached (along the lines of 'capitalism bad'), but I don't think that amounts to anything more than smug criticism.

    It is a gripping piece of speculative fiction that explores its concept not so thoroughly, but just thoroughly enough to support its characters and plot.

    I found it entertaining, disgusting, and invigorating

  • Men in Black II

    Men in Black II

    At its best it is just fine. I like the locker aliens and some of the video store guy. It is worse than the original in every way. A kids film for kids only.

  • Men in Black

    Men in Black


    It really is everything it should be. Holds up well

  • Animal House

    Animal House


    Only good for the dance scene in the middle of the film and the Belushi in the cafeteria scene, but boy are those good