Dior and I

Dior and I ★★★

The nice thing about getting older is that I am no longer afraid to move seats in a cinema if someone in the audience is pissing me off.

Well I had to move seats four times in this film. A new record.

Groups of elderly women, they're the fucking worst to sit around in a cinema, with their talking, and their cell phones, and their annoying breathing noises. Oh, and stop kicking the seats so hard. I thought there was an earthquake happening.


There was a French TV series I saw a few years ago, about the Chanel couture house, that was similar to this, though more entertaining. This Raf guy was a bit of a dick, and not in a amusing, bitchy, Lagerfeld kind of way. But the flowers were impressive. And the talent of the ateliers will never stop amazing me.