Bright Star ★★★

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think what the film wants to get across the screen is a love tragedy although I would be straightforward in saying that “love”, as we have multiple interpretations of it, did not manifest effectively between the two. The consummation (not pertaining to the act but other expressions of it) of their “love” had been always swift and bleak and uninteresting. It is known that the times in 1818 are of a highly conservative nature but still the atmosphere is a little cold for me to call it near love.

We’re so used to intense expression of love that anything less would merit not passionate enough or not true enough. Restraint almost always leads to intensification of one’s feelings. In here, where there is sufficient restraint between the love affair, the excitement is lacking. Fanny is impossibly in love with John but one can’t tell really why. Moments are lacking. The episodes where they see each other were dull. It’s like she only has a fixation for John, ‘the first love fixation’, as I would like to call it, and it’s like that is all there is to it. John reciprocated but without any passion either.

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