Deep Purple: Heavy Metal Pioneers ★★★

This potted history of Deep Purple is mainly to showcase what was line-up number 6 (Ritchie Blackmore - guitar, Roger Glover - bass, Ian Paice - drums, Jon Lord (RIP) - organ, and Joe Lynn Turner - vocals).

Joe's inclusion in the band split the fanbase; he'd previously sung for Blackmore's Rainbow from 1981-4, and was/is a fine singer. The one album this line-up of Purple produced (Slaves and Masters) has worn well and stands up better today than the rather commercially-focused House of Blue Light, which featured previous (and subsequent) singer Ian Gillan.

Is this video worth your time? Perhaps. At the time it was good to have the full promos of 'King of Dreams' and 'Love Conquers All'. There's the usual talking heads, chewing over the band's history, but in fifty minutes it is all very superficial.

For fans (and especially fans of JLT) this is recommended, with reservations based on the length and lack of depth.