Fallen Angel ★★★½

One of my 1000 recommended films.

#19 in The films of Dana Andrews.

A solid film collaboration between director Otto Preminger and star Dana Andrews (an actor who was always at his best as world-weary types in film noir). Here, hard on the heels of the superior 'Laura', Andrews plays a guy who falls for the beauty of Linda Darnell, and takes advantage of the purse of Alice Faye.

Darnell was just on the cusp of success here (she would go on to star in 'My Darling Clementine' and 'Forever Amber' and have a reasonable career until her premature death in 1965), while Faye was on the way out - she would not appear in another film after this until 1962's 'State Fair'.

Anyway, Andrews and Faye marry so he can continue to satisfy the needs and demands of the sultry Darnell, until someone winds up dead and a murder rap is on the table. It's all nicely done and very atmospheric, and there are some nice small roles for Charles Bickford, John Carradine, and Percy Kilbride.