Fast Girls

"What those girls have is silk. What we have isn't even polyester."

I completely missed this in the run up to the London Olympics but after watching two days of proper action at the Anniversary Games I thought, well, why not.

Shania Andrews (Lenora Crichlow) is an amateur who suddenly gets picked for the GB squad for the World Championships (like, of course, there are not enough professional runners out there). She's 'never run a relay before' and 'doesn't do well with teams'. She has never run with a club, it seems, and has a part-time coach in cranky Phil Davis.

Lisa Temple (Lily James) is a pouting princess, a total tosser who wouldn't last five minutes in the real running world which is one of dedication and mutual support. Her dad (Rupert Graves) is a Seb Coe type, a moneyed former athlete who has some political power, and he's divorced, and Lisa doesn't like his new wife, and ... yawn.

Carl the creepy physio is played by Bradley James who was last seen as King Arthur in 'Merlin'. C'mon, this guy is totally unprofessional and a waste of space.

I didn't care within 20 minutes when one of the girls explains to Shania what a relay is. No way would someone who has been doing any form of training be totally oblivious to one of the staple events of running. She's never watched any events? She's never been to a club meet? She's never read Runner's World or Athletics Weekly?


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