Silent Running ★★★★

Birth Year Challenge: 1972

and I L<3ve Musicals! - for those Joan Baez songs

The location is in space at some distant point in the future. Bruce Dern is a botanist (Lowell) on an American Airlines ship, and he loves the flowers and the trees and the creatures which depend on the gardens he tends so lovingly in pods around the craft.

Once the order comes from the home planet to destroy the gardens and head for home, something snaps in Lowell and he takes matters into his own hands, starting out on his own lonely adventure, with just a couple of robots and the trees for company.

Ethically, we are on shaky ground, as Lowell's hippy peacefulness turns to something much more sinister (played effectively by a Dern who is constantly veering on the edge of an emotional explosion); however, this is a strong entry in the sci-fi genre, providing something off-the-wall and just a little disturbing.

Other reviews have referred to the two Joan Baez songs; I found them essential to the state of mind of the botanist who worries about the child "who will never see a tree". And every one of us needs to see the wonder of a leaf falling.

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