The Brand New Testament

The Brand New Testament ★★★★★

A really enjoyable, quirky, playful, and black film which takes as its starting point that God lives in Brussels and is basically a troll who enjoys causing havoc with mankind.

When his daughter decides to take revenge and send everyone a text message letting them know how long they have to live, she unleashes a world of dark introspective and disturbing comedy which also has a lot to say about moral philosophy and the meaning of life.

This reminded me a lot of films like 'The City of Lost Children' as well as 'Being John Malkovich', and the best work of Terry Gilliam, and watching it at Easter, I also thought it had profound questions to ask about the reality of religious observation (the wisecracking 'JC' is exactly as I imagine him to be), and the opening scenes where animals act as humans do is inspired.

Beautifully scored and shot as well, with gorgeous colours and shadows, and some absolutely lovely sequences (Aurelie watching the ballet display at her table, for one; the skies erupting; the glowing, singing fish; or simply the quiet tears of one who realises exactly when their time is up).

This gets the full five stars from me. It made me laugh, it disturbed me, and it moved me.

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