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  • Red Moon Tide

    Red Moon Tide


    Cinema as a bellowing, increasingly gargantuan force to succumb to and comprehend in its expression of nature and man's accomplice-like relationship; picturing our loss of life throughout time's flow it, too, views as inevitable and relentless. Upon the poetry faltering in our perception is where we come to accept and be repulsed by the horrors of man's being on this earth; our nature fragile and susceptible to follies endangering us, affecting all, creating a predestined fate sending us to our…

  • Exile



    Discombobulating our empathy in an audacious, subversive power move, Visar Morina's EXILE goes beyond the shoes of those oppressed by society and its aggressions. Seemingly, it's a questionable creative decision entailing the invalidation of quotidian horrors of struggles faced by the ostracized, the discriminated. His perceptiveness as depicted so jarringly in the tensions spurting from the perspective of his thesis: a man of Kosovan descent in Germany, eagerly suggests otherwise.

    Xhafer (Mišel Matičević) is illustrated in his workplace to have…

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  • Fan Girl

    Fan Girl


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Antoinette Jadaone has proven throughout the years she's one of the most vital voices in Philippine cinema today. Her unfading charm lies not so much in her effortlessness in creating resonant moments out of powerful screenwriting as how these characters get imprinted on our hearts. It is all through a perspective contemporary and empathetic that, too, is matched with amusing beats and the bittersweet lyricism of realism to lose ourselves in. Distinctly, her filmmaking represents the ideals of a true…

  • Gusto Kita with All My Hypothalamus

    Gusto Kita with All My Hypothalamus


    There’s a little space in Manila called Quiapo. It’s a crevice where many has fallen into without them even noticing it. The city calls them, but they hear nothing as they try to live in their own world. They stray far away from reality — dipping into a dream. Though that may bring bliss, there’s an air of uncertainty to their joys. But, really, is it joy they feel? Is it love throbbing in their hearts, or is it merely…