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  • Mistress America

    Mistress America


    MISTRESS AMERICA, in the most enticing of ways, feels like a spiritual successor to 'Frances Ha', noting that it's a Baumbach-Gerwig collaboration joint. But it doesn't necessarily try to recapture its magic, but rather make something endearing with Baumbach's familiar personality coming together with the charming female perceptiveness of Gerwig that brings to this project a luminous presence that brightens even the saddest moments.⁣⁣
    There are times when the film feels a bit unsatisfying because something feels missing in…

  • While We're Young

    While We're Young


    WHILE WE'RE YOUNG has Noah Baumbach beginning his film with a bit of an appeal to younger audiences. He critically depicts the contradicting ideologies of the young and the old ––– complete with a satire on the former that is absolutely hilarious; a revelation of their pretenses that society perceives as absolutely nonsensical for their perceivably inauthentic taste for things. Through that, Baumbach shapes his lead character, Josh Srebnick, a documentarian who's been finding trouble completing his film, with empathy…

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  • Krista



    Using the idea of theater as catharsis, KRISTA is a visceral short film with an uncontrollable power to shake its viewers' heads as it explodes in its visualization of a traumatic memory that it turns into an abrasive nightmare for the audience.

    It's like 'Whiplash' minus the drums, and with added wokeness featuring a female perspective on the heinousness of men, and it's simply stupendous in being both a technical showcase and a gripping statement that unnerves and provokes the mind.

  • Hustlers



    HUSTLERS sprinkles glitters all over itself and makes moves in dazzling fashion baring its brazen personality. That is not to discount the fact, however, that while it dons a ferocious attitude, the story it tells, while deeply feminist, is also humanly perceived and envisioned. Granted, there's an undeniable sense of mischief to what it depicts that could make things uncomfortable, but the 'Goodfellas'-esque mayhem that ensues is made sure to be viewed with a perspective that relates so well to…