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  • Helios



    With a narrative boldness that feels fraudulent rather than displaying any real prowess (the provocative finale is the strongest example of this), 'Helios' suffers from a clumsy script that feels paradoxical when highlighted with Luk and Leung's ambition. Their second film is a disappointing step down from 'Cold War' as they've abandoned their clever approach for a bigger budget, shooting their film in several Asian countries with a top-tier cast. Let's hope that their next film will be less showy and a bit more respectful to its audience.

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  • Dragon Blade

    Dragon Blade


    "Dragon Blade" might offer thrilling fights and beautiful shots - thanks to Tony Cheung's photography and the marvelous scenery - but over-emphasised sentimentalism eventually becomes nauseous. The uneven performances from the international cast added to the constant highlighting of the film's statements brings the audience to a point of separation where it's hard to keep watching without feeling derisive about it. While Lee doesn't reach the epic scale he was aiming for, Dragon Blade isn't the catastrophe that one could have feared and contains enough satisfying elements to maintain a high curiosity regarding future Chinese blockbuster productions.

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  • Why Don't You Play in Hell?

    Why Don't You Play in Hell?


    Sono Sion's love letter to cinema is one of the craziest thing we will be able to see on screen this year. And Sion even manages to move the viewers along. What an incredible masterpiece!

  • The Inspector Wears Skirts II

    The Inspector Wears Skirts II


    Boring... although it has its good moments.