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  • Caravaggio
  • The Matrix

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  • Hotel Transylvania 2

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  • Hamilton


    listening to my parents watch this in the living room above me. totally against my will it is emotionally affecting me in a big way like fully taking me back to the 9th grade headspace i was in when i was really into this and consuming reams of fanfiction for it (if you feel the need to make fun of me, don't, because some of you were on 4chan saying the 14 words at that age don't think i don't…

  • Gattaca



    I cannot imagine a clumsier and more irresponsible/morally confused exploration of eugenics but like the commitment to recreating midcentury modernist aesthetics in EVERY aspect of the film from the sets and costumes to the actors’ transatlantic accents to the character archetypes employed to the “whooee we just invented the synthesizer” soundtrack... SO sexy and there’s nothing I love more than a fucked up period piece so of course I was suckered in. Also it’s an identity theft based scam story so how could I not love it? Like to reiterate this movie is evil but I had a great time