• Hamlet



    Sorry Abbie :^(

  • The Little Girl of Hanoi

    The Little Girl of Hanoi


    “I don’t cry. The tears just come out by themselves.”

    This was so good!! Very deft blocking and some lovely animation in the middle, superimposed over a live-action shot in a way that accentuated the child’s perspective nicely. Kids are amazing and I love them so much <3

  • Hotel Transylvania 2
  • The Power of the Dog

    The Power of the Dog


    Like the rope, it ravels tightly to its very end. Twice Phil submerges Peter’s design in water, first burning, then bleeding; twice something rare and precious is extinguished. I can honestly say I have never seen another movie that so brutally and satisfyingly answers the question, “What if you found someone who was also gay and autistic, but he wasn’t very nice to your mom?”

  • Synonyms



    “Why France?”

    “I escaped.”




    Languages and the nationalities they speak. In the first few minutes we see Yoav streaking through the hallways, naked in the bathtub, delivered from the near-miscarriage of his new life by only a hairsbreadth. Then French, the beautiful beautiful language, a dictionary picked over for “words that beat other words, that kick their heads in,” our hero taking far too long to realize that his adoptive tongue is not just another Hebrew…

  • The Duchess of Malfi

    The Duchess of Malfi


    A rogue’s gallery of all my favorite character types: girlboss, delicate anime-boy villain whose homosexuality comes cloaked in other sexual perversions and who goes spectacularly insane by the end, guy who is interchangeable with Count Rugen in the Princess Bride, and Denise Gough. Really really good to watch with friends.

  • Please Speak Continuously and Describe Your Experiences as They Come to You

    Please Speak Continuously and Describe Your Experiences as They Come to You


    Some very compelling imagery here! And “world-class boxer in a world where boxing doesn’t exist” is a state of being I’ve thought about a lot. How cruel, to have what should be your greatest glory be your undoing, and how wonderful those who pay reason no heed and put on the boxing gloves anyway

  • Sweet Smell of Success

    Sweet Smell of Success


    There are so many great lines in this film that it should be hard to pick a favorite, but for me, it’s an easy choice. While on the phone with Sidney, J.J., caught up in writing a column, asks him a question:

    J.J.: How do you spell Picasso, with one S or two?
    Sidney: Two.

    The exchange has absolutely nothing to do with anything they are talking about, but Sidney, the great blowhard, the wiseass who lets no man’s ego…

  • It Felt Like a Kiss

    It Felt Like a Kiss


    “sex appeal is a wonderful, warm, womanly, healthy feeling… it comes only from inside, it’s from nothing that’s manufactured. it has nothing to do with measurements or lipstick color. to me, it’s cleanliness, and youth, an effervescent desire to enjoy life.”

    “the imaginary seemed so real… and the world outside became like a dream.”

    playing the hits.

  • Personal Shopper

    Personal Shopper


    If I had a dollar for every film I’ve watched this month about having to violently excise your sense of self from your dead twin brother that features a heavily transfeminine-coded character I would have two dollars, which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it happened twice

  • American Psycho

    American Psycho



  • Three Bewildered People in the Night

    Three Bewildered People in the Night


    Despite the fact that it’s in black and white, I could barely see or hear it, and the bon mots are relatively soggy in the movie’s broth of depression and ennui, this is pure Araki and I loved it as the prototype it is of all his major fixations: whole-wall projections, talking head video projects, gay people who think they’re better than everyone else, shitty bars, convenience store lighting, bisexuality, Darcy Marta as a disaffected fag hag, etc. A pleasant stroll down memory lane and a strong addition to the throuple canon.