Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★½

Satire is a powerful tool but one that requires finesse and certain levels of awareness Jojo Rabbit unfortunately does not possess. Waititi's brand of humor is the embodiment of hit-or-miss for me but in this case, it was mostly miss. Too on the nose, too safe, quite shallow and featuring pretty poor German accents. The cast and crew however, did a great job as Jojo Rabbit looks and sounds great but when it comes down to what matters, it simply doesn't deliver.
I find it hilarious that Monty Python, Fawlty Towers and other premium British comedies remain at the helm of thought-provoking satires... come to think of it, it's more sad than anything but I digress.

As I mentioned, the cast does a good job, especially our young and talented lead Roman Griffith Davis who is simply a treat to watch as his blind fanaticism slowly dissipates and morphs into something hopeful. I was also impressed by Johansson's and Rockwell's performances but that should come as no surprise considering their skill.
However, the sole existence of Rebel Wilson in Jojo Rabbit brings the whole experience down even more, I am yet to laugh at any of her jokes while Rockwell consistently brought up chuckles. Waititi does his standard quasi-absurdist act to no avail. I would much prefer if he doubled down on the absurdity instead of doing this hybrid-ish type of comedy he does but that comes down to personal preference (duh).

In the end, Jojo Rabbit failed to grip me and I found myself waiting to see how the story would resolve instead of enjoying the ride. Its heart, ambition and ideas are all well-placed but its delivery was clumsy and lacked any finesse you need to possess in order to make it work. I really liked the German versions of oldie hits, I see someone played Wolfenstein: The New Order which is another example of superior dark, Nazi-centric satire. Go play it if you haven't. That would be all.

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