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it's quite hard to review something you didn't fully understand, but let me try.
i think one of nolan's biggest strengths is making a "typical action movie" but adding an emotionally moving backstory, well written multidimensional characters and sharp dialogue (inception, i'm looking at you). but i feel like none of the things i actually like about nolan could be found in this movie. of course the visuals and sound effects were amazing, my mouth was just wide open every time they used the inversion effect (john david washington fighting backwards... i am becoming heterosexual). but ugh.... the way the characters are underdeveloped was almost physically painful. the worst thing was elizabeth debicki's character. i thought we were done writing women like this. everything about her was just revolving around men?? her personality was "having a difficult relationship with her husband" and "wanting to be free". nolan pulled off Ariadne in inception, why couldn't he do it here??? this just makes me genuinely sad.
i'm struggling to find an actual story in this. inception had cobb who was trying to deal with his wife's death. interstellar had the father-daughter relationship. but this??? what was this about again??? the friendship between neil and the main character? i don't think so, because i didn't really feel any friendship between them until neil actually mentioned it. which brings me to another point. the dialogue. there wasn't much of that, really. and if there was any, it was just so fucking emotionless. and it's not the performances' fault, because both washington and pattinson are amazing actors. most of the lines felt so unnecessary and forced, and when they were explaining things it didn't explain ANYTHING.
the music wasn't bad, but it doesn't reach zimmer's levels either (i know, that's like asking for the impossible). i like the big BWWOOOOOM BWWWOOOM before the truck scene though.
i laughed a bit during the michael caine cameo. love how nolan makes fun of british people❤
now as i said, pattinson and washington are amazing actors, and i really liked their performance here too (though i think it COULD be improved with slightly better direction). i can't really judge elizabeth debicki, because i'm just so mad at the way her character was written ughhh... but oh my god, branagh's performance was laughable. like i genuinely laughed out loud a few times. his performance was really okay in dunkirk, i have no idea what happened here.

i feel like i should rate this 3 stars, but i'm giving it 3.5 for now. it's for the hot cast babey

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