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  • The Conversation

    The Conversation


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The Conversation is a movie that I feel like I'd enjoy more if I was watching it 'better'. Or conversely, was filmed with different signals. As far as the movie's themes go, there's some very obvious parallels to The Lives of Others, which takes the concept of surveillance but adds a distinctly political aspect to it. As it stands, The Conversation is this thorough examination of what sort of role the person carrying out surveillance really plays, and I think…

  • Official Rejection

    Official Rejection


    I lead this off with the caveat that I do, when I can, go to film festivals, my record being something like 18 movies during the Nashville Film Festival. On top of that, there's a side thing that comes from living in LA where you start to know people that are tied to independent film, whether or not you're at all close to film production yourself. I lead with that because this documentary certainly could run the risk of being…

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  • The Jungle Book 2

    The Jungle Book 2


    While inconsistent, Jungle Book 2 manages to have some fairly good bits, from a couple decent song concepts, to a rather sad bit of Baloo talking to a nonexistent Mowgli at the beginning because he misses him, to a fairly exciting climax for the film.

    John Goodman takes on the role of Baloo, and while it sounded initially off, he seemed to fit in the role pretty well, and so really all the voice casting seemed to take on the…

  • Rushmore


    There are multiple levels of how annoying this film was. On the first level are the characters. They never felt to really be fleshed out, and there's an attempt, I think, to make them seem to be deep or complex, and it's just not there. They're black boxes that words come out of, but without seeming to really be people. On top of which, many of them are somewhere along a scale of 'insufferable', made worse by problems largely of…