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This review may contain spoilers.

Dial M for Murder is an incredibly slow burn, as this quickly reveals everything to the audience and so the rest of this is much more about seeing if it can be worked out in time after Tony Wendice hires someone to murder his wife Margot; when the hired hand is killed in the process he spins things so that she's found guilty of murder. This does a good job of playing around with how much the audience knows, and how little the detective and Margot's other man actually know (although they have their own suspicions eventually).

After spending much of the movie at this slower pace, it really speeds up near the end, and ends rather strongly. I do disagree, though, with the direction given to Grace Kelly to play the end of this as though she's in a trance. Rather than make Margot feel disconnected, it seems like Kelly is disconnected from the role and doesn't seem to really work.

For as much as this almost taunts the audience for most of it, the quicker-paced ending proves to be quite satisfying.

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