The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera ★★★★

The single thing that feels like the biggest shortfall for this movie now is that it feels very hard for me to watch this without the experience being dominated by Andrew Lloyd Weber's musical, and it's simply hard for me to really evaluate this without that in mind.

That said, of course one of the film's strengths is Lon Chaney, as I think he has great performances rather consistently. It's also such a great look that he creates. This also is a pretty good use of two-color technicolor for the masquerade scene and this is a really impressive set that fits the grandiose nature of an opera house. It's a start contrast to some of the sets that would be used in later Universal monster movies that felt a lot more constrained.

It feels unfair to Lon Chaney, but I think the musical adds so much more to the story (and does so so well, particularly because a story about a Phantom in an Opera seems like it should have lots of sound) that as good as some elements of this are, it feels hard to feel like this is what I'd go back to if I wanted another taste of the Phantom.

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