Soup for One

Soup for One ★★★

This movie started off really well. It turns out to be one of those I saw when it was new and forgot most of it except for the very beginning, which is a comedic bit involving lab rats. The thing is, I remembered that being in Young Doctors In Love, which it isn’t. I forgot the rest of this.

It starts off well enough as a satire of modern sex and dating and the main guy is kinda likable, if shallow. I figure he’ll have a character arc, you know, by the end of the movie he has developed some character, but after the initial setup it spirals badly. The dude has an ideal woman, based on appearance alone; when he meets a woman who fits the bill, he stalks the hell out of her. This is all presented in a light comedy fashion, like it’s supposed to be endearing that he’s going through all this trouble, but it’s just creepy and sad. She eventually does start dating him and the movie settles into a romantic comedy mode, but by that point I had pretty much tuned out because the dude’s arc went from likable to obnoxious.

I gave this movie points because a lot of the first act is funny and does capture the feel of New York City in '82; also, the soundtrack is produced by Nile Rogers so it slaps. There’s songs by him, Chic, Blondie, Teddy Pendergrass actually appears in the film performing in a club — smile

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