We Need to Talk About Kevin

We Need to Talk About Kevin ★★★

Wanted to start this by saying this rating could definitely change in the future because I don’t know how I feel about this movie. On one hand it’s a very well done movie, the cinematography and acting being fantastic. It told a really interesting story and is about a very tragic topic, being school shootings. I guess my question is why was this film made? It doesn’t really seem to have an actual point. If there was an actual point it was overshadowed by the outrageously excessive amount of symbolism. There was just too much to read into that they lost sight of whatever they were trying to say. When a movie about something so serious as school shooting is being made, there needs to be a point. If there’s not a point then movies like this can be a bit problematic. To me this is a similar problem media has with glorifying serial killers, however instead of glorifying school shooters, this film didn’t feel like a call to action or anything for that matter. It seemed like the movie was trying to show the audience a different side to a school shooter but the film fell short there too. It’s not really revealed why he did it. I guess my problem is the movie lacks any purpose other than to make money off of people’s obsession with mentally ill killers. If there was a point, it was hidden from me with an abundant about of symbolism and made any emotion or moral blurry (I mean seriously wtf was up w the tomatoes). Maybe if I rewatch this movie my opinion will change but as of now this was a very disappointing movie for a 3.9 on letterboxd