Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★½

Netflix releases a huge over the top Zack Snyder film in theaters?  Yes please!!

As Snyder’s first jab at something not DC films related, this film is so much fun. Dave Bautista does a great job of shouldering this potential franchise creating project. Overall, the cast was very well put together for their respective rolls. 

We have seen zombie films done time and time again. This is not a new genre, but the places that Snyder takes us feels new and refreshing. It was nice to see that not all the undead are human and not all zombies are created equal. 

One of my issues with the film was on the focus. Snyder tells you exactly what you need to look at without question. If you aren’t supposed to be looking, it’s out of focus. When I say out of focus, I don’t mean just a little bit but so much so, you would consider seeking a professional to make sure your eyes are still working properly. This is kind of sad due to the fact that Snyder and built this beautifully crafted version of Las Vegas and I wish I could have seen it better. 

One of the problems this film saw during production was the removal of one of it’s cast members to be replaced by Tig Notaro. Is it unusual for this to happen, no, however due to the global pandemic, things needed to happen. All Notaro’s scenes were shot in post and stitched in. Most of the time it is pretty flawless due to fancy editing, in other times it hurts to see. 

The runtime of this film gets to you at times. Snyder pulls the slow-mo per his style. It makes certain scenes fun and makes you want to smile, but those are valuable minutes. Other times we get sidelined so that we can character build. Though I do appreciate giving me some reason to love or hate a character, can we slim it down a bit. 

Overall this is a good, fun, and different kind of zombie-action film and would definitely recommend it.

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