The Last Duel

The Last Duel ★★★★

While Ridley Scott's doom and gloom about the deaf of adult entertainment may be a little bit alarmist, this film certainly is a vestige of a kind of film that is not often seen at this budget level anymore. The Last Duel is absolutely rich with incredible costuming and production design, and thus looks and feels lived in and dirty, like a proper, classic, full-screen experience, unlike the clean and glossy digitality of a contemporary blockbuster like The Matrix Resurrections.

The actual narrative concept of the film is strong and purposeful, with reused scenes requiring real subtlety. Though I think the film does lean a little bit too hard on anachronism to try and land its contemporary political messages a bit more directly than it needs to, this is an excellent viewing experience that makes good use of its length. I only wish I had gotten to it in the theatre.