Snitch ★★★

Snitch is a surprisingly good action drama, with a great lead performance from Dwayne Johnson. It's good to see Johnson in a serious role taking advantage of his acting skills. Jon Bernthal also delivered a good performance. Which helped make up for the lackluster plot.
The film attempts to be a really good drama while at the same time providing the thrills of an action movie. The result is a poor attempt at both. But together make for an enjoyable movie, thanks mostly to the performance of the lead actors (the supporting actors didn't offer much).
My biggest pet peeve is that Johnson didn't even throw one punch. Yes, I know, his character is suppose to be an everyday family guy. But Johnson is 6' 5", plus he is super jacked-not an everyday kind of guy. Which makes it odd to see him not even attempt to defend himself against a couple guys half his size.

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