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  • River's Edge

    River's Edge


    On the river’s edge, people are killed. Worlds are destroyed. This is a dark place but it’s so much fun & entertaining to be in. With a killer score.

    “Hurry your ass!”

  • Dementia 13

    Dementia 13


    “ relieve his guilt.”

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  • Theatre of Blood

    Theatre of Blood


    Theatre of Blood has been available to me my entire life and it’s taken me this long to finally watch it. After first viewing, this is easily one of my favorite comedy horrors. If you haven’t seen it...remedy that immediately. Price is perfect. I can’t recommend it enough. Ridiculous (and at times quite disturbing) fun.

    “No. Another critical miscalculation on your part, dear boy. I’m well. It is you who are dead.”

  • Passenger 57

    Passenger 57


    “Charles Rane is not insane.”

    Get ready for some serious bass-slapping and eye-rolling (but totally kick ass) one-liners. Seriously though, this original score is all over the place crazy. Action scenes are elevated to sweet lovemaking sessions due to the provided tunes. Passenger 57? More like Passenger 69.

    Cheesy 90's action at its finest.