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  • Desperation Rising

    Desperation Rising


    Whoa. This is what I imagine a David Lynch dream when he hasn’t had his morning coffee. Out of focus. Disjointed. Compelling yet completely catastrophic. Jason Holt seems to out-Lynch Lynch in this perverted roundhouse kick to the face.

    Desperation Rising is an obvious disaster. The editing in this thing leaves you laughing & somewhat frustrated. It’s either pure genius which none of us can grasp or the worst home video on Earth. The characters start to bleed together and you…

  • The Brood

    The Brood


    Be careful how you direct your internal anger & deep dark thoughts…or your children of rage may violently murder without you being aware. Be kind to each other, folks. Consciously and subconsciously.

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  • Twins of Evil

    Twins of Evil


    What a delight Twins of Evil is! I was completely caught off guard by how much I enjoyed this film. That cast! --

    Peter Cushing as the religious “witch” burning zealot, Gustav, is one of the best performances in classic horror. His hatred for all that is unholy brings a necessary terror to the screen. This role is perfect Cushing. The Collinson twins knock it out of the park. Each of their performances is extremely effective. Count Karnstein looked frighteningly…

  • Roar



    I'm just going to say it: Roar is scarier than Jaws. I feel like I’ve been working out this past hour and 40-minutes due to how tense this movie is. My muscles ache after anxiously waiting for a cast member to die. It’s like watching the slowest-moving Faces of Death episode. But with a happier ending? I loved it but hated the way it made my body feel.

    I applaud the ambitious nature (pun intended) of this film. Throwing ~150…