The Dead Don't Die

Feels like a remake of Plan 9 From Outer Space more than a direct Romero homage (although the beats for that are there).

Have you ever felt trapped in a nightmare? The slow, never-ending illogical world of darkness. Even when it's light, it seems dark. Everything seems familiar, but a bit off. There's this sense that something isn't right, but you can never explain what is exactly off. You feel an inevitable darkness coming for you that you can't process, but you accept.

That's what this film feels like. It's a lingering, roaming illogical absurdist nigtmare infused in 21st. Century meta-film deconstruction that's destined as an camp classic. It's far from perfect, but I sure have a great time with it. Jarmusch and the cast are having great fun, so that infects me with a sense of charm.

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