Suspiria ★★½

until near the end of the movie i imagined myself putting it in my favorites of the year, but a lot of things went on from there. the problems of the beginning are minimal, something related to the style of filming used by the guadanino that should refer to the horrors of the 70s (but only worked forty years ago) and josef's story totally disconnected from the rest of the plot. in the final sequence everything went astray, it was just flying blood and whispers, nothing made visual or narrative sense, the participation of jessica harper could not have been poorer, the last scene of tilda as madame le blanc makes laugh, the look of markos is lazy, there is no concern in constructing the story, only the protagonist is developed (and with several props yet, the pace of this development is totally questionable), it seems that the film was abandoned in the middle of the process in the hand of someone less inspired and in a hurry to it's a pity that it ends like this). the controversial masterpiece of the promised horror was only a promise even

despite the problems, there are things that really stand out. the screenplay is creative and has a wonderful expanding ability, thom yorke's score is a masterpiece apart, mia and dakota are a love aside when they are on stage