Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★

For some reason or another Paramount Plus skips this sequel going from part 2 to part 4, in a way I wish I did too...but no, I had to go looking for it. Bringing back Steve Miner to dieect would seem like a good decision however the film is bogged down by hilariously awful 3D effects, with popcorn, Yo-Yos, greenie poles and doobies being thrust at the screen, then we get about 6 minutes of recap from part 2, then a prolonged, rather disappointing encounter between a shopkeeper, his wife and big Jason. By the end of that nearly 20 minutes have passed and we haven't met the main cast. It does seem to have one too many people taking a shit and I felt too long with just the final girl. I was pretty bored for the first hour, these films follow such a simple recipe, it shouldn't be missing key ingredients that keep the viewer from pausing to see how long is left. It eventually springs into life on the hour mark and the big fella gets to put on that mask for the first time. Some pretty good kills especially the harpoon in the eye and the skull crush. I was quite glad to see the end of the annoying kid and what was the deal with the kid in a permanent state of handstand?
Pretty disappointing entry, I can't remember if I enjoyed this when I was a bairn, it has been a long time since I saw it, certainly not as memorable for me as part 2 was. I know that none of the rest compare to part 2 but I do think, from memory, they're better than part 3...soon find out I'm sure.

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