Rawhead Rex

Rawhead Rex ★½

The October 2021 80s Horror Extravaganza #20

In the small Irish village of Rathmorne, a lightning strike pushes over a standing stone unleashing the big fella Rex who has a head that doesn't look that raw to me. Rex goes on the slaughter, anything that comes into his path...unless you're pregnant, in which case you earn a pass. Some, including the village verger, become his mad eyed disciples. The only thing that can stop him is some kind of Pagan idol that shoots beams of light out of its fanny. It looks like only an American writer (David Dukes) and his snazzy cardigan can save the day.
This Clive Barker screenplay from one of his own short stories is a wretched affair, the Rex suit is really awful (Rubberhead Rex would have been more appropriate...though apparently Barker's intention was have Rex look more like a phallus) and the acting genuinely abysmal. The gore isn't particularly interesting, it throws in a gratuitous set of boobs in at one point to see if you're still paying attention. Generally it's just a silly creature feature, though there is a rather dark turn at about 50 minutes. It earns a whole star for Ronan Wilmots turn as the demented verger under Rex's control, reminding me of some of the priests you'd have seen on Father Ted...plus Rex gives him a golden shower in the graveyard 😬
Wilmots aside...load of old shite!

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