Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★

Wrath of Man kicks off with an armoured security van heist that we see only from the inside of the van, it looks efficient until we hear the pop of gunfire.
H (Jason Statham) shows up for an interview at the security firm that was robbed. To get the job you must, over a number of disciplines, score a minimum 70%...H scores 70%. H proves himself to be the cold anti social type. When a gang attempt to rob his van, H uses cold efficient violent action to take them down...70% indeed! Who is the mysterious non smiling H and what is his angle?
Compared to other Guy Ritchie output, this is completely humourless and ultimately fairly bleak. Effectively told in four parts bouncing back and forward in time, it boils down to a reasonably effective thriller. Statham has his limitations but this type of role suited him, playing Jason Statham with his puss tripping him. My biggest problem with it was the final segment where I was asked to extend my disbelief just too far for my liking. A bit of humour wouldn't have gone a miss either. Solid cast though, Holt McIcantspellyourname, Jeffrey Donavon, Josh Hartnett, Scott Eastwood, Eddie Marsan and a criminally underused Andy Garcia are the best known but other lesser names acquit themselves well...crikey even old Eastenders wrong un Alex Ferns pops up!
Not bad.

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