Skyscraper ★★★½

So this was exactly as great as the premise of The Rock vs. Gravity Itself promises to be. Basically Red Bull Die Hard with The Rock and duct tape, on fire, a mile high. None of this is a bad thing.

This movie was totally predictable from beginning to end, but predictability is not really a flaw in a movie like this. It doesn't really matter if you can see where the plot is going, because the tension isn't really based on the plot, but on moment-to-moment situational peril, and boy howdy does it deliver on that because everything is SO HIGH AND ALSO ON FIRE. (We almost saw this in IMAX, but I'm so glad we didn't, as I don't think my acrophobia could have handled it.)

The whole conflict was, as expected, a bit of a stretch, but it never stretched so far that it broke. This movie knew it had a ridiculous premise going in, and did a competent enough job arguing for why any of this was happening for me to willingly go along for the ride. Did the bad guys' plan make THE MOST logical sense? Nah. Did it make ENOUGH sense that I could buy into it as a viewer? Sure.

The Rock brought all his signature charisma, selling the heck out of his everyman-family-guy persona while constantly zipping from one off-the-charts physical feat after another, of which the physics defying crane leap in the trailer/on the poster is not even the most ridiculous. (I couldn't actually tell you what the most ridiculous Rock stunt in this movie is. There are so many candidates. Maybe when he holds a bridge up using nothing but his biceps and willpower. But also maybe not.) This movie wanted us to buy that this guy was just a relatable dad trying to save his family, but also never wanted us to forget he was The Rock, which was a weird but enjoyable line to walk.

Also Neve Campbell truly held her own as his Navy-medic wife, who was anything but a damsel. Despite this absolutely being The Rock's movie, it didn't give him every save and heroic feat, and gave her a lot of moments to shine.

Ultimately, SKYSCRAPER isn't going to blow anyone's mind, but it's a fun summer action blockbuster with some excellent tension and a solid emotional core, which you should absolutely NOT see in IMAX or 3D if you have issues with heights.