The Bad Kids

The Bad Kids ★★★★

Life around us and the exploration of different individual situations is always compelling, this is where The Bad Kids triumphs with it's touching and emotive delivery of a school and faculty desperate to help students above the call of duty.

This fly on the wall documentary is beautifully shot, contrasting heated interactions and touching exposition between teacher and pupil, as well as some portrait pieces on certain individuals. It doesn't take long to genuinely care about these kids and it's evident that regardless of them being troublesome the staff love and respect every one.

I loved the insights to these pupil's lives- it highlights some genuine first world hardships that can be and usually are a far cry from what we're used to. It prompts you to evaluate how "lucky" you are, this also acts as perfect reasoning as to why this school does what it does- it is unflinching and riveting.