Fright Night Part 2

Fright Night Part 2 ★★★

A lot of trendy reviews are patronizing and pandering saying "the supporting actresses carried this entire movie!" but Julie Carmen & Traci Lind really are the only improvement here over the original. Tommy Lee Wallace has good taste in actresses: they're always fine looking AND can act. This is a well-made low budget movie but really pointless. Its darker and slower only because they couldn't afford good lighting or many scene changes.

A college-bound vampire movie is a good idea. Two women fighting over Charley instead of Charley and a vampire fighting over a girl is good. Peter Vincent convincing Charley is a good reversal. Charley becoming a vampire is good... but NONE of these things are fleshed out beyond a subplot logline. That bowling scene was awesome but it didn't even think to have them bowl with the severed head? Maybe there's a deleted scene somewhere.

I thought the best scene was actually the therapist's funny death scene.

FRIGHT NIGHT had lots of gay subtext with this teen boy who can't fuck his girlfriend because his bisexual neighbor is after both of them. Pt 2 has an older, very ethnic woman standing between Charley and his new whiter girlfriend. I also didn't like that Charley basically would fuck this lady except she's this cold "unforgiving bitch" character while his gf forgives him endlessly for being neglectful and selfish. So basically the villain has every right to want to kill Charley (he murdered her brother) and he never changes. Its the women who should adapt to spoiled man-boys dammit!!!

I miss my gay teenage Dwight Frye sidekick Evil! He should've been the main character of any Fright Night 2. And they made him a dorky straight guy in the remake -_-