Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills

ok so

1. i was downtown and cracked my phone screen and had to go get it fixed and the place said it was going to take two hours BUT there was a movie theater across the street BUT this was the only thing playing in a timeframe that worked EVEN THOUGH i have never seen any of the other Halloween films except for the first one mostly silent on at parties and bars 

2. this is a movie about a mob that learns an important lesson (mob justice is bad) and then a SECOND LESSON (mob justice rules) and then a third lesson (michael meyers is the physical manifestation of partisanship (unclear))

3. i believe this town may have a lead or asbestos problem which causes the citizens to act like this. maybe the third movie in this mini-trilogy will be an erin brokovich or rob bilott type looking into that. david gg and danny mcb call me

4. the phone place didn’t even fix my phone

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