Hamlet ★★★★½

I've blown through so many filmed Shakespeare productions in Quarantine that I'm starting to have Opinions and my Opinion of this is that it was flipping fantastic.

- Andrew Scott's stop-start reading isn't for everyone, but barring one or two moments it really worked for me here. He sells the language as something deeply natural and spacious and heartbreaking and strange. I kept feeling like I'd shoved a Babel Fish in my ear and was just listening to contemporary speech—always a treat in any Shakespeare production.

- The rest of the cast were also each wonderful in their own way. (Angus Wright's EYEBROWS!)

- The look of the thing! So many scenarios and moods wrung from a minimalist Scandi set. Also every time I thought I'd figured out the lighting plot they pulled something unexpected, which I love.

- The extensive use of ominous, droning soundscapes played under tense scenes really worked for the adaptation to the screen. No idea if it was likewise present in the live production, but it worked really well here.

- Deeply gratified that all the wristwatch fidgeting paid off.

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