Fight Club

Fight Club ★★★★★

A couple months ago I was in Paris on a vacation. Anyway, I got bored and decided to watch oscar nominations on Youtube and look them up on Google as well. I looked at the awards the Fight Club was nominated for and it was a real disappointment to find that it was just nominated for sound editing. I understand why now. Back when it came out, the critics got it completely wrong. Why did the critics hate it? You may ask. They hated it because they thought that Fight Club was a mess, a stupid movie about fighting. Nothing else, just a couple of guys hitting each other. Vandalism and violence. That's all. Apparently. But as the film grew older and started to become more respected around the world, it was shown to be more than that, in my mind, as I think of it today, without reading recent reviews, this film is a portrayal about what the desires of the subconscious mind are. Do you wish you were a different person? Who would you want to be? In this case, the narrator, whose name is never given way until the end, decides who he wants to become, and whose eyes he wants to see the world through. So, if you haven't watched this movie, which you should've by now, don't think it is a complete and utter mess about a bunch of guys hitting each other. Please look at it on a deeper level. Don't even do it for Mr. Fincher, or Mr. Pitt or Mr. Norton, do it for me. Just to see how much anybody can really respect this film.

Other than that, the other things that really really impressed me was the cast, not only the choice of cast, which was also great, but the performances by Edward Norton, Brad Pitt and Helena Bonham Carter really stood out on an oscar worthy way, especially, no one would say this, Helena Bonham Carter. I know, I know, Brad Pitt was the best, but in my eyes, I see Helena Bonham Carter as the most convincing character in this film. Her sass and bitchiness really prove to be a great performance, even if those two features are shown in other films, not The King's Speech, though.

And David Fincher, wow, David Fincher. I really respect him. He is one of my favorite directors, as his remarkably beautiful directing stands out in such a way that almost makes me forget I am watching a movie. From Tyler Durden to Mark Zuckerberg, David Fincher is really a director that proves to us how far he is willing to take his work. I am not saying that that is bad, in fact, it is great, great that he is willing to show to us that his work can be so remarkable, just purely outstanding, that it makes you cry. In a good way.


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