Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm ★★★★

This wasn’t as special as the first one, which is one of if not the funniest movies of all time but this was still pretty great. Sacha Baron Cohen definitely delivers with some fantastic writing, and the Borat character is still great, albeit a little bit exaggerated from the last film. While not as funny as the first film the narrative is better, and it will likely have a much bigger real world impact. As culturally relevant as the first film was, this is far more impactful overall.

🚨Spoilers 🚨

To address the elephant in the room, Giuliani definitely had his hands in his pants for a suspicious amount of time although not enough that I’d outright 100% accuse him of anything other than being a little creepy and being a general terrible person. He definitely was doing more than tucking in his shirt, wether he was just scratching his balls, or adjusting (Still weird just not as bad) we will never know.