Was it good?

Yes I think so, or at least it had the potential to be

Is it better than Inception?
Probably not

Was it entertaining?

Did it give me a headache?
Yes, and I think my ears are literally bleeding but I can’t tell anymore 

Could I understand what the character were saying?
Around 30% of the time

Would the quality of the movie have been improved if you could understand the characters?

Would you watch it again?
With subtitles 

Did it have a point? 
Christopher Nolan has either hidden something very deep and meaningful into this movie, or he’s a genius bullshiter. I think it’s a 60/40 chance towards the latter.

(Not rated with stars because this was the first movie I had seen in theaters in like six months and I saw it in Imax, so the whole experience clouds my view of the movie itself.

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