Y Tu Mamá También

Y Tu Mamá También ★★★★★

Rule number 10- The truth is cool but unattainable

Y Tu Mama Tambien is an exercise in truth. The truth woven into every facet of our lives, and how we interact with it. Whether we choose to ignore the truth, living in ignorant bliss, pretend it doesn’t exist, or reluctantly try to accept it, the truth is unattainable. 

An ethereal  voice from the heavens  detached from our reality shoots down over each frame of this film, revealing this unattainable truth. You cannot hear it, but deep in your mind you echo what it has to say.  Your best friend, the person that you have spent the majority your life up until this point attached to completely. A seemingly unbreakable bond. He comes from a place antithetical to you. You revel in the spoils of his families actions, while yours clean up after the messes they cause. As you drive through a protest, you think ask yourself the cause, only to find yourself perplexed. Deep down you know. Has he screwed your and your people over simply in this figurative sense, or has the screwing also been literal?

The Mexican countryside, as they say musical, magic is truly beautiful. The warm and inviting atmosphere, the vibrant hospitality the brilliant colors shining in the sun. You are an outside observer, are you unaware of the truth or do you simply not accept it? You pass through engaging seemingly symbiotically. From your place you don’t see what’s happening. The bodies in the road, the bloody chickens, the girl Luisa who died of heatstroke escaping from this seeming paradise, the man who never fishes again. These people so lucky to be permanent tourists always living on vacation in this tropical paradise, but you know that is not true. You know what has happened and know what is coming. You know what causes these problems, but it would be to burdensome on your mind to accept that fact.

The best friend you will never see again. The truth is revealed, and it hurts. So much is revealed, and something is realized in an altered state that will recontextualize your very being. You pretend to accept after 15 beers, but do you really? Do you drift apart because you can accept the truth? Or is it because you refuse it, and still cannot move on?

The manifesto, this is how you live your life. A Charolastra. You say you cannot break any of these rules and still claim the title of a Charolastra, yet you still do, and you know the others do the same no matter how hard you try to ignore it. These rules mean nothing, and yet they mean everything to you. Does rule 10 justify it all. You can use these rules, a constructed truth to justify anything, but is this really real?

The woman who knows that he cheats, but lives like he doesn’t. She is not a fully realized woman, but thinks differently. She has a secret, a truth that she will come to accept. She knows why they are going to the “beach”, the truth that she can bend to fit her goals. She cannot sleep, she is scared, but not because of the dark as she knows that cannot hurt her. Something else can, so she runs away. Has she accepted this or is she constantly living in denial? She sees her life how it really is, fluid, like the foam of the sea, she dives into it. The woman gives herself to the sea.