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  • Green Book

    Green Book


    Wow, this movie was a huge failure. It just becomes too darn Hollywood.
    So, the first half of Green Book is actually okay and definitely has its fun moments. I still wasn't loving it or even liking it but it was okay and I wasn't really disliking it per se. It was still very fake and superficial, but it wasn't terrible. Also, I was very confused to all the reviews I had already read concerning the racial stance of the…

  • Shoplifters



    "It's warm together."

    The first twenty minutes introduce something I was already comfortable with; this is my kind of Kore-eda! Poverty, crowded family meals, bittersweet emotion, realistic dialogue...and Kirin Kiki being a legend! But this film actually becomes something a lot more grand and dramatic from what I've seen of him before. There's even a scene where the main characters are literally compared to very different and wealthier people (rather than leave it for us to think about). Even though…

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  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    I am completely and utterly cunt-struck by this movie, I suppose.
    A film that works on all measures because of its likeable fearlessness, and it doesn't hide away nor play it safe. What we have here is a true master at work; Yorgos Lanthimos is outrageously creative and delivers strongly once again with The Favourite.

    All the technical elements are extraordinary (cinematography, costume design and editing all deserved their Oscar nominations), but the script is what takes this to another…

  • Black Panther

    Black Panther



    A ridiculously lifeless display of careless filmmaking and political overdoses. It is also very boring because of an uninteresting plot, mostly poor acting and the ignorant expectation of audiences staying engaged because of lazy CGI (which is terrible throughout) action sequences. Unlike the Oscars, I can't find anything that makes this stand out from the rest of the MCU...are we not bored of these recycled films yet, people?

    The match-up of pure African culture and the 'black culture' of…