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  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire


    9.3 ~ 9.5

    "Not everything is fleeting. Some feelings are deep."

    πŸ”ˆ Extraordinary minimalism, told in a scale Sciamma has waited on for years - CΓ©line's genius has been building for a decade and Portrait is her exhale, her 'let it all out' moment - I am actually super curious whether this will be a start to a run of masterpieces for her or if it really is just a magnum opus. I really like her previous three features, love…

  • Moonlight



    Perfect screenwriting.
    A purely beautiful portrait of a black man growing into and around a modern America, a present-day world. Like a painting that only moves when you are patient with it, when you just sit and escape to where the art lives, for time, for a long hour. I had no idea Moonlight was quite this special - I'd seen it when it came out, yes, and even though I remembered a lot of the plot points and camera…

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  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

    The Texas Chain Saw Massacre


    A perfect picture.

    This is my twisted idea of pinpoint perfect fun american innovation - Fuck I love everything about this, it's one of those, literally everything about it holds a special place in my heart.
    I hadn't seen it for a while and wasn't sure whether it would still be one of my favourite horror movies - well it certainly remains that way and I can sense this being a film I still watch as an old man.

    No film like it, that ending is just the best. Beautiful Ugly. I gotta check out Hooper's debut Eggshells right away!

  • Oldboy



    Crazy good. My first Chan-wook.

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  • Ikiru




    "It's our human duty to enjoy life."

    My first Kurosawa has left me astounded. Ikiru - meaning 'To Live' - successfully crushes that ever-so-reputable challenge in making the audience think about life yet still remain as an artistic escape for them. It made me think about my future and my past, it made me think about family and friends, it made me think about you - it didn't once make me think about the year this was made; Ikiru…

  • Midsommar




    Due to its classification of 18 in the UK I had to sneak into the screening, which sure was an exciting welcome back to the theatre - I haven't been for a while, but will be making it a regular thing from now on - nearly getting caught only added to the excitement.
    When I realised it worked, and was sitting down watching the trailers that come before, I was even more ready to see this...and wow. This. Midsommar.…