Django Unchained

Django Unchained

"I can't hear you n****r!"
"I said, I give up."

I truly think this would have been amazing if it were cut down to about 140-150 minutes instead of 165. It's really the only Tarantino where I feel the length, and frankly some scenes in the first half, after the brilliant first twenty minutes or so, should've been removed in my opinion. On the other hand, this film's importance and cultural significance also kinda means it's perfect as it is.

I do think it's really great, but can feel like a jumble of fantastic scenes at times as opposed to one fantastic experience (what Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown excelled at), and additionally, some things (even though I had already seen before) caught me off guard. This is by far Quentin's most graphic film and some shots/moments are really hard to watch, but then in the next scene we get pure comedy so I kinda thought the tone was a little messy too, and not in a good way like some other Tarantinos... but like I said if it were any different, then maybe it wouldn't have been as crowdpleasing and therefore may not have made it to some of the people who were impacted to it - I know it's huge in the hip hop community, and I deeply respect that.

Best Scene:
It's pretty clear in my opinion, and it's because of Leonardo DiCaprio's performance - The table scene. It just had to be improvised because I kept playing back the "SOLD!" moment and everyone's reaction to a certain hammer swing felt incredibly real; Kerry Washington was having one of the worst days of her life (Leo kept grabbing her with horribly strong force), even Samuel L. Jackson, whose character practically lives for Candie's (DiCaprio) opinions, looked fearful of Leo in that moment.
It's just cinema I guess... 🔨 😨

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